How a counselor accidentally saves a marriage

(she didn’t even know was broken..)

Balancing a successful career and family life can be overwhelming. You want to bring positive change to your marriage but worry that any suggestions might damage the delicate balance in your family.

You love your husband and your family, but you can’t help feeling that something is missing from your marriage. You’re stuck in a rut and fear that pushing for change could cause the whole thing to unravel.

This disconnect can be incredibly isolating and heartbreaking, leaving you with a feeling of hopelessness and loneliness. You may even doubt yourself and wonder if something you did contributed to the situation. Knowing divorce statistics consistently predict that 50% of all marriages will end it divorce doesn’t help propel your thoughts in a positive direction.

The solution is easier than you think. How do I know? This happened…

A client came to me looking to break through some career blocks, she wanted to grow her practice as a licensed relationship counselor.  She had success with her clients, but had some false beliefs that were holding her back from growing it to its full potential.

Fast forward 6 weeks, applying my unique method for restoring worthiness and truly understanding unconditional love, she added to her skill set and was able to grow her business in ways that she could not see before. 

What about her marriage? Here’s the beautiful resolution to her story.

She wanted to write a testimonial for my company.  To my surprise, it read “Patty saved my marriage and didn’t know it”.  I was confused so I called her.  She explained to me that the changes she made in herself instantly impacted her relationship in ways she never thought possible. She had also unknowingly inspired her husband to implement the same skills.

She had never mentioned her marriage in any of our sessions! 

So don’t give up on your marriage yet and don’t suffer in silence! There are solutions to help you reignite your relationship with your husband and rediscover the intimacy and meaningful connection you both once shared. With the right tools and support, you can easily start to rebuild trust, connection, love and understanding in your marriage.

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