Patty McGuire is a Self-Worth Coach who teaches her clients a unique method of self-awareness, communication, conflict resolution, and unconditional love.  It is her true belief that we all deserve love.

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    “I’m a licensed relationship counselor and I hired Patty to help me with career growth, and she ended up saving my marriage. I had never mentioned my marital issues to her, but the work that I did on myself helped me communicate better, feel more valuable as a human being and in doing so, I didn’t put the expectation on my husband to make me feel this way. Thank you Patty!”

    Shirley S.

    “I highly recommend Patty’s coaching. She helped me in my marriage, I got more in one session with her than more than a year’s worth of therapy! She truly understands unconditional love and is the perfect person to teach you. She’s helpful, honest, effective, and kind.”

    Sylvia J.

    “I’ve been a client for a little over one month, and already feel less negativity and sadness.  Patty really listens and really cares,  for me she was able to zero in on my biggest issue.  I’m so glad that I’m not doing this alone.”

      Petra V.

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